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Respected Criminal Law Firm Fights for Your Rights and Your Future Throughout Northern Colorado.

Providing criminal defense to adults, college students and juveniles

At The Law Offices of Rachel A. Michael, LLC we are dedicated to providing zealous criminal defense and compassionate counsel to our clients, many of whom may be facing criminal charges for the first time. Whether you are an adult, college student, or juvenile, we know it only takes one misjudgment or poor choice to be charged with a crime and face life-altering consequences.

Committed to protecting our clients’ rights and future, we provide a unique combination of personal and professional experience to secure the most favorable outcome for our clients.

Experienced, client-focused, affordable and more

At The Law Offices of Rachel A. Michael, LLC, we provide quality legal representation and personal attention to our clients. The judicial process can be overwhelming. We provide a roadmap to effectively utilize your time prior to accepting any plea agreement or making the decision to set the matter for trial. Our clients benefit from our:

  • Solid background — The attorneys at The Law Offices of Rachel A. Michael understand the prosecution’s tactics and approach and know how to develop effective defense strategies based on the facts of each case. Our lawyers have built a sound reputation for establishing strong relationships and earning respect and credibility throughout the community and the court systems.
  • Client-driven approach — Because clients’ needs and cases are unique, we tailor our approach and strategy with an eye toward creative solutions and the best outcome possible. The justice system can seem scary, especially for those exposed to it for the first time. We thoroughly explain the process and offer straightforward advice, giving clients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.
  • Accessibility and responsiveness — We believe clients deserve unfettered access to their attorney and never want clients to feel like they are going through the process alone. We understand how difficult this time is for you, and our lawyers are here to guide you from the first to the last step. We are committed to returning all calls and emails in a timely manner and invite you to participate in the defense of your case through strategy sessions, discovery meetings and through advisements of rights and plea options.
  • Reasonable rates and billing options — We offer competitive, affordable rates as well as payment plans and student discounts. We will work with your financial situation as much as possible to ensure you do not have to face the system alone.

From DUI to domestic violence, trial lawyer handles a range of criminal charges

At The Law Offices of Rachel A. Michael, we possess the skills, knowledge and resources to develop effective defense strategies for misdemeanor and felony charges in Northern Colorado, including:

  • Criminal law —Aggressive defense of adults, college students and juveniles facing criminal charges ranging from assaults to theft and other property crimes to drug offenses. An experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.
  • Domestic violence — In Colorado, domestic violence is considered a “sentencing enhancer” and not a separate charge. If the parties involved were or are in an intimate relationship, the sentence for the related charge, such as assault, harassment, trespassing or criminal mischief, is enhanced at the very least with court-ordered treatment.
  • DUI/DWAI — When you are arrested for impaired or drunk driving in Colorado, you face both criminal charges and administrative proceedings involving your driver license. We provide a tandem defense to DUI/DWAI charges, offering combined representation for the Department of Revenue administrative action and the criminal proceeding.
  • Juvenile offensesWhen a juvenile is charged with a crime, it is essential that legal counsel be retained as soon as possible to avoid long-term consequences as an adult. We provide representation to juveniles charged with a variety of offenses, from assault, theft and drug offenses to trespassing, shoplifting, and possession or consumption of alcohol.

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The Law Offices of Rachel A. Michael, LLC provides aggressive defense and caring counsel for adults, college students, and juveniles facing criminal charges. Call us at 970.372.2422 or contact us online today to schedule your free initial consultation. Our Fort Collins office, located across from the Lincoln Center, is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Evening appointments are available upon request. Attorneys are available during evening and weekend hours via email at rachel@nocodefense.com. Serving clients throughout the Northern Colorado area, including but not limited to Fort Collins, Loveland, Wellington, Windsor, Greeley, Johnstown, Longmont and Boulder.

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